An epoch-making decade – University of Copenhagen

An epoch-making decade:

‘The long 1970s' and European-transatlantic transformation processes in political culture, discourse and power

In the writing of European and American scholars of contemporary history and the social sciences, the 1970s has often been called the decade of East-West détente. Current research based upon newly opened archives seems to indicate, however, that East-West détente may best be understood against the background of a series of broader and historically significant, dynamic realignment and transformation processes in the Euro-Atlantic area during the period from the late 1960s to the early 1980s

Taking as its point of departure these European-transatlantic epochal changes, the present research project will explore, within selected areas, the processes of political-cultural realignment and their social impetus in Western Europe and the Euro-Atlantic area during and around the 1970s. This period contains a number of important thematic issues of contemporary history which have to date been dealt with neither by Danish nor by international scholarship.